1 July 2014

Sad endings and hopeful new beginnings...

Sad endings...
Today we had the last ever session with our Home Start worker, Teresa. For the last six months she's been visiting once a week to play with my daughter, E, so that I could watch E play - something I really miss. E gets lots of fun and stimulation at pre-school and out with friends of mine, but I don't get to see it; having visits from Teresa has been wonderful. She has given us priceless memories, and has been very encouraging and supportive to me. I can't really believe her time with us has come to an end. We bought her some flowers, and my husband helped me make
a thank you card with photos of E and Teresa playing together, which E decorated with a riot of glitter and colourful feathers. And Teresa brought balloons plus biscuits and icing and sugar decorations, so she and E had fun downstairs decorating the biscuits as a 'surprise' for me, and then they brought them upstairs and we had a mini party to celebrate all the fun we've had together. A sad day but I'm so grateful for Home Start and all the support they've given us, and especially to Teresa for being so lovely.

The 'Thank You' card :-)
Hopeful new beginnings...
Yesterday I had the long-awaited visit from the OT - and she said 'yes' to the stairlift woohooooooooo!!! I don't quite feel excited about it yet, which I'm surprised about; I guess I don't feel it's really been rubber stamped yet as we first need to have a financial assessment to see if we are eligible for a full grant to pay for it, or whether we'll have to make some level of contribution. I think it's highly unlikely that it won't happen, though - yay!! The OT said it would probably take a month or two, but at least we know it's in the pipeline now. She's also prescribed a few much smaller pieces of equipment for me to try, but said it will be a process of trial and error to see what works best for me.

We've also had really good news about care for E and me. Our social worker visited on Friday and we had a brilliant meeting with her. We thought we would have to fight for help with E, but our social worker was totally supportive and seemed to agree that we need much more care than we're currently getting - in fact she thinks we need way more than we had dared hope for! We have to wait for her manager to agree it so it's not a done deal yet, but it definitely looks like they're willing to increase the care we're currently getting, and for that to include care for E. Phew! More details to follow when we know what's been agreed and how it's going to work :-)

God "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine"


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