14 July 2014

Scrambled whistle-stop update

A few people have asked how things are as I've been a bit silent lately, so here goes...

Am having increased cognitive difficulties with typing and working out what to say/how to say it - hence v v badly written post and lack of proper explanations of things - sorry! And have been less able to keep in touch with people by email/text/fb etc lately - sorry for that too! Not good as typing is my main method of communication with most people - phone and in person is v difficult and
draining. The typing issues are poss due to spending too much time on logic puzzles - being more disciplined about game time today seems to have helped, which is why I'm able to write this update - gutting that I can't play the puzzles so much as they gives me headspace from my brain stewing about issues/stresses, but nice to have one issue I have some level of control over! Hopefully continued discipline will allow me to write properly soon!

Generally, tho, I have been a bit less fragile. Had a bad day a couple of weeks ago due to adrenaline from social worker visit, but nowhere near as bad as previous bad days, the next day I was a lot better, and the day after that was pretty much back to my normal - usually takes several days minimum to recover.

Have been able to watch a bit of TV some days, and am possibly a bit less sensitive to light.

Made scrambled egg in the microwave in my bedroom today - big achievement - more 'cooking' than I've managed in months. And to be able to cope with doing that and typing this all on one day is huge. Will find out in next few days if I've overdone things!

Am now on highest dose of a B complex vitamin capsule - seems to be helping yay! Which might be why I'm a bit better in the ways mentioned above.

Much more important news: my new baby nephew Isaac has been born *big grin*! 11 days (I think?) overdue - lots of tenterhooks while waiting for news! (And lots of sympathy for my sister - it's been very hot and he is a v big baby, and she was was desperate to give birth!) Many memories and renewed grief about the death of one of his brothers 3 years ago at 3 days old. But baby Isaac is healthy, is doing really well, and is absolutely gorgeous. Don't want to think about how long it might be until I can meet him, but have seen him on skype. :-)  :-)  :-)

Stairlift: ridiculous delays/bureaucracy. It's going to be a while!! Months? Hmmppff and grrrr.

Care package increase??? - waiting and not knowing has been stressful and draining. Social worker visiting tomorrow - hoping she'll give us their decision. Watch this space!

3 year old daughter E is v tired - behaviour not great lately - exhausting for Andy (husband) and me. Probably due to it being close to end of term. Week's break soon - yay! - thanks to my parents having E to stay for a week. We hate her going away and miss her lots but are very very grateful for the break.

Summer holidays looming - eeek re: noisy kids playing outside (sound sensitivity is a big problem), and also eeek re: needing to organise care for E as pre-school only open in term time. Praying social services agree and arrange funding for E's care ASAP!

Today E and I shared this year's first two ripe tomatoes from our garden - yum :-)


Big Sister said...

Isaac was 10 days overdue but it may as well have been 10 years!! Haven't told you yet but we're hoping to pop in on our way to or from Mum and Dad's in August...will talk/text/email you at some point.

E will def be tired from end of term stuff - my older two are horrendous at the moment so you have my sympathies! Wish we could have her over summer but we can definitely do a week in Sept.

Would earplugs work to block out the noise of the kids playing? I wear them at night as just can't sleep properly without them.

btw am amazed you grew tomatoes - our garden is virtually bare this year so well done! xx

Rachel said...

Hello Big Sister! (When I first saw your comment, my initial thought was, "That's an interesting nickname." It didn't occur to me that it was you!!)

Ha, I feel vindicated; I'd originally typed that Isaac was ten days late but didn't trust my brain so checked with Andy, and he said it was eleven!

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for so long (and that it took me so long to reply to this); haven't been functioning too well what with it being the summer holidays and also waiting for the outcome of all the Big Decisions from social services etc. I'm very very much looking forward to seeing you all whenever it's possible. I've been trying to work out how to do it so it's not too exhausting - maybe I see the older boys and J for a few minutes, and then J entertain them downstairs while I see you and Isaac for a few minutes? I don't want the boys to see me as some fragile sick aunt like something out of a classic Victorian novel though!! And I don't like the idea of you coming all this way for so brief a visit but realistically I know I don't have much choice, and I'm very excited to see you all :-) Mum did tell me when you were thinking of visiting but I can't remember when it was. We'll text or email soon.

I hope the boys calmed down at least a bit once school finished? Don't worry at all about not being able to have E over the summer - you have enough going on! And we've had a LOT of help :-)

I wear ear plugs a lot but having the grassy area at the front of our house rather than a road means we get a lot of kids playing right outside my bedroom window so ear plugs don't block everything out - especially when they are screeching on bouncy castles and trampolines, both of which occur frequently. Andy is going to try to get me some ear defenders from work to try.

I can take absolutely no credit for the tomatoes!! I think it's done Andy good having something totally different to focus on, and he's enjoyed showing things to E :-)

Will speak to you soon. Hugs and kisses to the boys :-) xx

Big Sis said...

I hope you get notifications of comment replies on this blog otherwise you'll never see this! I've only just read it (I looked back to see if you'd replied, no idea why, just felt like it!). Anyway I'll keep this brief in case you don't see it but by now you'll know we didn't make it to you in August but we do have a plan for having a weekend in a cottage down your way at the beginning of Oct when we have E. Will be in touch...in the meantime PLEASE stop using up your precious brain power by trying to figure things out for out visit - I have a reasonably good idea of what you can cope with so let me and J do the thinking! I will come up with some suggestions and you can do the approving (or otherwise!). Lots of love xx

Rachel said...


Yes I get notifications :-)

Thank you and lots of love to you all too xxx