28 August 2014

Note to self...

Do not attempt to eat soup while someone is hoovering. Even with ear plugs in. Especially not when they've just changed your bedding. And especially not tomato based soup that leaves a livid orange stain on the nice clean fresh bedding.

Grrrrr.... And breathe!

Time to try to practice some self-forgiveness, methinks. I might just have a little sob first though.

Anyone got any chocolate?!!


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Speaks said...

Self-forgiveness is worth practicing whenever you get the opportunity. It will serve you well. Without it we can't really know self-acceptance or fully receive love from others or ourself. So as hard as it is for you, I would encourage you to see anything which reminds you to practice some self-forgiveness as a blessing. Then the love which your friends, family & Creator offer you will permeate deeper into you. Rachel, this is not easy to share and probably not east to hear, though the next bit feels like it will be harder. All that said, His healing often comes in the same way. We have to forgive, accept & love ourselves in order for His love/healing to better permeate our bodies & souls. I think we often assume that God want's to heal our bodies first, whereas my personal feeling is that He is often more concerned with our souls. Either way, I do feel that He is in the process of bringing healing to you and that's always a good thing. I hope this is a blessing to you, dear friend.

Rachel said...

Thank you Speaks :-) Yes I do agree, especially about the importance of self-forgiveness, and about healing of the soul being far more important than healing of the body.

I'm normally pretty good at letting things go and forgiving myself. I realised in my teens that the way I was chastising myself was unhealthy and wrong (I was far nastier to myself than I would ever dream of being to anyone else, and I would tell myself off for days about the tiniest of mistakes), so I set myself some rules about things I can and can't say to myself, how long I'm allowed to tell myself off for about something, and only telling myself off if I also congratulate myself when i've done something well. So I'm pretty well practiced as it's been quite a few years since I was a teenager(!!), but this incident is just soooo frustrating and I know it'll add to Andy's workload and stress levels. Plus I was really looking forward to that soup!!

It does help to vent it tho so I'm not stewing about it.

Thank you for your love and encouragement :-)

Mum SMJ said...

:-) Mum xxxx

Helen said...

To completely change the tone, and at the risk of sounding totally insensitive (in the way that only a big sister can)...next time, eat chicken soup! (Or leek, or sweetcorn [yuk] or anything other than tomato, carrot, butternut squash or sweet potato):o)

Rachel said...

Lol Helen :-) I know, I should probably avoid tomato (and other staining foods) based soup. But I reeeally love tomatoes! (And they are very good for a couple of different oddities of my body.)

It was a treat as I often can't hold soup still enough anyway; that day I thought it was safe to risk it. It was a lovely tomato, lentil and vegetable soup. Hey ho. Fortunately the carer had also done me a plate of salad so I did have something to eat! The soup soaked right through the duvet eeek; Andy has just about recovered now I think...! :-)